A Guide to Truth, 19 May 2019

A Guide to Truth

It is not easy to distinguish between what is true and false, honest and insincere. We live in a complex world that isn’t pure, honest, righteous and peaceful simply. And within ourselves we often find ‘two wills’. Hidden lies can settle in our mind.

Jesus promised the Holy Spirit as helper, and advocate, who guides his followers into the truth. Who is the Holy Spirit? What does he do? He wants to bring renewal and revival: by bringing back what is lost, by healing what is broken, by revealing truth in a world where a spirit of lies and insincerity can manifest itself.

Are you looking for truth in your life? Do you long for change? ‘The Spirit of truth will come and He will guide you into all truth’ is part of the passage that we are going to read next Sunday (The Gospel of John, chapter 15:26 – 16:15).

See and hear more about the Spirit of God, how he is at work today, how he is able to change what we cannot change. Looking forward to meeting you on Sunday 19 th of May in the New Church, at 12 hrs 30.

Pastor Niek Tramper