A love story

During Advent (read on for more explanation about ‘Advent) we focus on the book of Ruth. It actually is a beautiful love story. But it is more than that. In it, we discover a piece of God’s great love story, his masterplan of love. We also see how decisions of seemingly meaningless people, who cope with many problems, fit in this plan. Let us realize that our small and sometimes difficult decisions may have eternal consequences! See, hear more on 2nd of December, 12 hrs 30 in the New Church.

Pastor Niek Tramper

God’s master plan and our little decisions

Do you ever think about why you are there? Christians believe that we are there because God is there. He created this universe in a wonderful way. Natural science explores the fascinating laws that God included in it. But what is wrong with this world? Why so many disasters, why evil and pain are there? Are we running toward a big disaster? The Bible says that God not only created the universe, but that He also made a plan to save it from being lost. The highlight of this master plan is the sending of Jesus to this world in order to rescue it from sin and despair. Jesus was born as a baby in Bethlehem. That’s what we celebrate at Christmas.