Dealing with doubts, 28 April 2019

Dealing with doubts

How can you be sure about Jesus? Isn’t the good news of his resurrection completely irrational and opposite to every scientific knowledge? The Bible authors tell us that many people witnessed that Jesus was alive. But also that many kept their doubts. They weren’t easy to convince; they were thinkers as many of us are. One of them was Thomas, one of Jesus’ disciples.

Hear more coming Sunday: about the doubts of Thomas and how the wounds of his heart were healed in the presence of Jesus. How do we deal with our (both rational and emotional) doubts? The passage of this Sunday (Gospel of John, chapter 20 verses 24-31) has a lot to say about it. See you Sunday, in the church service of ICF-Delft, New Church on 28 April, 12 hrs 30.

Pastor Niek Tramper