Does the universe testify about God?

Does the universe testify about God?

The evangelist Matthew tells the story how magi, wise men, scientists from the east made a long journey to a village in Israel, to worship a little child. It is a strange and silly story, unless the child was indeed a newborn king, whose importance was without equal. These men found strong indications in what they saw in the starry sky.

Matthew’s story makes us puzzled at first sight, but deals with several important questions: Does the universe testify about God indeed? Can somebody be a scientist and still a faithful believer? And who is this child that should become a Saviour-king?
See, hear more this Sunday, 6th of January, in the New Church, 12 hrs 30.

After the service we will enjoy our potluck lunch together.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Pastor Niek Tramper