‘Erudite & Believer’ (V), 26 May 2019

‘Erudite & Believer’ (V)

Coming Sunday we will have the next service in our series ‘Erudite & Believer’. In each theme service a TU scientist shares from his experience what it means to be both scientist and believer. This Sunday we meet prof.dr.ir. J.H. Huijsing. He has been an assistant and associate professor in Electronic Instrumentation at the Faculty of EE of the Delft University of Technology since 1969. He became a full professor in the chair of Electronic Instrumentation since 1990, and professor-emeritus since 2003 (more info: http://microelectronics.tudelft.nl/People/bio.php?id=412).  This Sunday he will talk from Romans 8:18-39.

” For a long time I could not match creation, as described in Genesis, with scientific results about the origin of the earth. What scientist see in the history of the earth is death upon death of humans and animals. They call this process evolution. While God created perfect men. But now I see that I have always overlooked that God did not only created a perfect earth and perfect humans, but that He also cursed the earth after men sinned against Him, and created death and sorrow. That is the situation of the earth now. I like to explain how this fact allows an easier match between Genesis and scientific results, though I still have many questions left of course. Also, I would like to give my vision of the existence of God in a spiritual world. Finally I like to tell how I became warm for Jesus Christ ”                                                                                                                                    – Han Huijsing –

Come and hear more on Sunday 26th of May in the New Church, at 12 hrs 30.