Exclusion and embrace, 17 March 2019

Exclusion and embrace

(The parable of the Pharisee and the tax collector, Gospel of Luke 18: 9-14)

Often people feel right in their own eyes when they defend their position against others in society and find reasons they look down on them. That’s why segregation and exclusion is common in our societies. You always can find reasons to consider yourself and your group better than others.

In the series about parables of Jesus we come across the story of somebody who finds many reasons to justify himself and somebody who is in big need of forgiveness. Jesus’ conclusion is that the one who exalts himself will be humbled and the other way round.

Jesus himself didn’t exclude others, although they despised, excluded and left Him. He embraced even those who were his enemies. He is a true Saviour because He sees beauty in us while we don’t deserve that. He doesn’t see us in what we are but in what we may become trough Him!

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Pastor Niek Tramper