Finding focus in career – the example of Jesus

How do we find focus in our (life) career? Often we experience hardships, setbacks and frustrations in life and work. Main challenge seems to be finding focus, avoiding what is unnecessary and keeping motivation. If we cannot avoid difficulties, does it help to fight them? Or do we rather need these, in order to become fruitful? There is a great example in Jesus Christ. What made him to endure and to continue? What he did, he did because of the joy set before him. That’s why he endured the cross and scorned its shame, the Bible says. That’s why He is not just an example, He really can help us out, when we experience failures and setbacks.

This Sunday we reflect on the example of Jesus, what we learn from him in coping with difficulties and finding focus in our career (based on the Scripture texts Philippians 2: 5-11 and Hebr. 12: 1-3). Discover how to follow him in day-to-day decisions whatever your life career represents.

Welcome in de International Christian Fellowship (ICF) – Delft, in the English spoken church service on Sunday 7 May, 12.15 hrs in the Génestet church, Oude Delft 102.

After the service we will have our monthly ‘potluck fellowship meal’, a great opportunity to ‘eat and meet’!

Pastor Niek Tramper