Here I am

Is it possible for humans to meet God? In the Bible we hear and read about people who had a very moving and radical experience in meeting the living God. One of them is the prophet Isaiah. The experience of seeing God changed his life completely (Isaiah 6). It made him feel very unworthy and humble. He felt the limitedness and impurity of his words and acts. But it also evoked the longing to become and ambassador of God’s goodness and fairness to people: ‘Here I am, send me’. His mission was not easy, but even today we read his words of comfort and hope for a nation in distress.

Is it possible to meet the living God? Yes, and if it happens, you will not stay the same. Do you dare to find out who God really is and to say: ‘Here I am’? Taste and see that God is there and that He good in the special service on Sunday 2nd of June in the New Church at 10 hrs.


Pastor Niek Tramper