‘Erudite & Believer’ (I) TU scientists & Christians on issues facing us today

TU scientists & Christians on issues facing us today

This Sunday, 27th of January, we will have our first theme-service about the subject ‘Erudite & Believer’ in ICF-Delft. In each theme service a TU scientist shares from his experience what it means to be both scientist and believer.

Prof. Roos fascinated by the work of Newton
It is not easy to combine faith in God with being an honest scientific researcher. It is all the more difficult because the world isn’t beautiful only, but chaotic and cruel as well. Nevertheless many famous scientists are faithful believers, and we find them at all universities, including TU Delft. This Sunday we meet one of them: prof. dr. ir. C. Roos, who is emeritus professor at TU in the TU Institute of Applied Mathematics. What kept him going as a university professor and believer? He himself is fascinated by the work of Isaac Newton, one of the famous founders of modern science. Newton was moved to see so many Biblical prophecies becoming reality. That’s why he believed that God’s mouth (expressed in God’s Word) didn’t contradict God’s finger (shown in the reality of the universe and of historical events).

In the midst of a long evolutionary process?
Rev. Niek Tramper will introduce the theme shortly from the passage Luke 2: 22 – 32. What reason do we have to contradict the many who regard everything as a random product of a long evolutionary process of trial and error? He will demonstrate that seeing God’s prophecies becoming reality is a great comfort. It gives us a strong reason to believe that God is guiding a still suffering world toward a future that is real and beautiful.

See, hear more on 27 January in the New Church, 12:30 hrs.

Pastor Niek Tramper