Jealousy is a strong emotion, and it is everywhere: in families, among peers and colleagues, in companies and politics. It is a formidable weapon of Satan to get relationships destroyed and to make people hating one another.

While moving to the New Church coming Sunday, we continue reading the book of Daniel. In Daniel 6 it is clear how Satan prompts Daniel’s colleagues to jealousy and intrigues against God’s people. The living God, however, leads Daniel to another kind of ‘jealousy’, which we may call a diligence and loyalty to what is true and honourable.

In our daily life, study and work we are in the middle of different kinds of ‘jealousies’. As the church of Christ, we continue to help one another to discern and to be jealous for God’s glory. See, hear more coming Sunday, 21 October in the service of ICF-Delft, 12.30 hrs in the New Church of Delft.