Jesus’ economy of abundance

Jesus’ economy of abundance

The main characteristic of (Western) economy is its focus on shortage or deficit. If we can create a relative shortage of goods, people want to have it and prices go up. Advertisements nourish the desire for (rare) goods. Basically it is an economy of fear: to miss what we long for, or to loose what is precious.

Jesus’ economy is quite different. It is an economy of generosity and abundance. God is not ‘economical’, He gives with a full hand. If we really understand and believe this, it may change our life from concern to compassion.

In the story of Mark 6 verses 30-44 we come across the incredible abundance of the Kingdom of God. How can we live a ‘Kingdom life’? At least it might mean that we move from ‘calculation’ to ‘improvisation’.

Hear and see more about this ‘economy of abundance’ in the service of ICF-Delft on Sunday 20 January, 12 hrs 30 in the New Church.

Pastor Niek Tramper