In order to be able to grow and to develop yourself you need a small community like the family. But do you still need a place where you can find acceptance, forgiveness or healing? If so, hear more  about the start of a life changing, spontaneous and colorful community this Sunday. It is how we want to be church!

Healing experience in a student’s group

When I started as a student in Biology at the age of 18, a small group of students invited me for a weekly meeting. It changed my life because of the warm fellowship, the honest questions dealt with, the sharing of difficulties and ambitions. What brought us together was the search for God. I never experienced something like that before. It turned upside down my life within a year. It was an experience of healing and renewing for me, and God used several people of the small group for that.

What if it goes wrong?

Most of us grow up in a small community: the family. Later new communities define our development like a school class, youth club, sportclub, study friends, colleagues. The more others like (grand)parents, friends and colleagues affirm us in our development, the more we can become independent thinkers and actors. But not always a community adds to our growth. Sometimes bad examples, lies and dishonesty confront us. We also may discover a darkness that already nurtured itself in our deepest self. What if our life turns out to go wrong? When we have reasons to feel guilty, when we are lonely, when we fail? What to do?

God’s grace in a new community

Coming Sunday, 18 June we will see how God really changes people’s life, including their relationship with others. Because of that they spontaneously form a new community with people of very different character, education and origin. As if the animals of a zoo live together. Here they can grow toward a mature, joyful and thankful person (Acts 2 verse 37 -47). It is all through God’s grace, through experiencing forgiveness and the healing power of such a new vibrant community!

Hear more in the service coming Sunday, Génestet Church, Oude Delft 102, 12 hrs 15. This is a special service because Petyr Jin will give his testimony and be baptized.

Pastor Niek Tramper