Reasons for hope, 5 May 2019

Reasons for hope

Are you a hopeful person? What are main reasons to be hopeful about (your) future? The word ‘hope’ is ambivalent in our day-to-day language: you long for something to be realized, but you aren’t quite sure about it. That’s why some people are pessimistic about the world’s future. They look at climate changes, terrorism, political tensions and wars in different continents. Others are more optimistic; they look at the developments in science, technology and economy for example.

In the service of coming Sunday we explore reasons for real hope. The good news of Jesus’ victory over death is a strong incentive for grounded hope. But it leaves us with many questions why there is still so much evil, suffering and pain, as we have been confronted with in the last couple of weeks.

In his letter to the Romans (chapter 8) the apostle Paul is very realistic about the situation in the world: creation is groaning because of suffering. But he also says that ‘God makes all things work for the good of those who love him.’ How is that possible?

Hear more about Romans 8 and how hope can transform daily life and work in the church service of ICF-D in the New Church Delft, 5th of May at 12 hrs 30. See you in church!

Pastor Niek Tramper