The God who is there

The God who is there

If we say that we believe in God, how do we know that he is really there? Coming Sunday we continue our series of sermons ‘Good news for the city’. The apostle Paul visiting Athens found a lot of expressions of religion (book of Acts, chapter 17). Although religiosity has a different shape in today’s big cities, religion is still everywhere. There are many attractive ‘gods’ today. How can we discern counterfeit gods and know God who is only able to satisfy the longing of our heart? There is a secret opened in finding Jesus or rather being found by him! That’s what the apostle Paul explains to the Athenians and it is a very actual message still. Hear more in the New Church, coming Sunday 23rd of June, 12.30 hrs.

pastor Niek Tramper


Baptism of Pauline and Esther Grim – start in the New Church and finish in the Old Church 

Coming Sunday Pauline and Esther Grim will confess their faith and be baptised. We look forward to this special event. The first part of the baptism ceremony (with the instruction and questions) will take place in the New Church. Then we all will walk from the New Church to the Old Church (7 minutes walk), where the baptism will take place. We finish the service in the Old Church, where everybody is invited for coffee, tea and cake. We don’t come back to the New Church.

Note 1: parents, be sure that your children will join you on the way to the New Church. They will be back from Sunday school in time.

Note 2: in case rain is expected this Sunday, prepare yourself for the walk with an umbrella or raincoat.