The unstoppable movement of the Good News

In this month’s series of sermons on ‘Good news for the City’ (based on the Bible book of Acts) we come to a close with the city of Rome, Italy. Dr Luke, the author of the book of Acts tells us how the Gospel of Jesus reaches the highest court and the most powerful man in the Roman Empire, the emperor in Rome.

It is a joyful thing to become part of the Gospel movement, and to belong to the fellowship of God’s people, but how shall we pass on the good news within our family, among our friends and colleagues? The Gospel creates a longing and is powerful to overcome resistance or disinterest within the people who are not familiar with it. But what about God’s people who think that God’s salvation is meant for a selected group, for the chosen ones only? That’s at stake in this last chapter of the book of Acts (28). It there any reason not to join this ‘Good-news-movement’ and invite others on this way, whoever they are?

Come, see and hear more coming Sunday, 28 July in the service of ICF-Delft, 12 hrs 30 in the New Church.

Pastor Niek Tramper