Who cares about them?

Who cares about them?

The Gospel authors tell us how Jesus looked at the crowd. He saw the people as sheep without a shepherd. Jesus was full of compassion for the people who were looking for him because of their needs.

In the Gospel of John (John 6 verses 1 – 15) we come across a story in which Jesus challenges his students to care for people. And He makes possible what seems impossible for them. He helps them to provide others with a hopeful future, a new joy, the reality of a new surprising love, a new life through him. The story continues…hear more this Sunday!

Loving God is closely connected with loving our neighbours whoever they are. Let us not hesitate to show this to the many new (international) students who will arrive in Delft in the coming weeks, and who might feel like sheep without a shepherd.

Looking forward to seeing you in the New Church, Sunday 11 August, 12 hrs 30!

Pastor Niek Tramper

Celebration of Holy Communion

On Sunday 11 August we will celebrate Holy Communion. In receiving a little piece of bread and a tiny cup of wine, we remember what Jesus did for us. He wants to be in our midst reminding us of his broken body and His shed blood, while we didn’t deserve that at all. All who confess Jesus as their Saviour and Lord are welcome to participate. If you search to know God or are still unsure about Christian faith, you may let Holy Communion pass, but we warmly invite you for a talk or personal prayer after the service.