Why should we pray?

In today’s Western world most people consider prayer as a meaningless act. It is just a religious expression to them, a way to comfort yourself in times of need, but according to their opinion it doesn’t make any sense. But also those who believe in God often struggle with it: ‘Why seem our prayers unheard?’, ‘Why God seems to be silent?’, ‘Is He really there?’

If there is a God who punishes evil and who brings about what is righteous, true, honest and beautiful, what shall we do? Chapter 9 of the book of Daniel invites us to reconsider our prayers. If we really see in what situation we are, we will be led to repentance and confession. This is an inconvenient truth, but it might be the only way to life. Hear, see more in the service of ICF-Delft on Sunday 18th of November, 12 hrs 30 in the New Church. Looking forward to seeing you there.

The celebration of Holy Communion

This Sunday we also celebrate the Holy Communion during the second part of the service. It is a special celebration and reminder of what Jesus did for us. A little piece of bred and a tiny cup of wine remind us of his broken body and his shed blood. All who confess Him as their Saviour and Lord are welcome to participate. If you search to know God or if you are unsure about (Christian) faith, very welcome in the service. You may let Holy Communion pass, but we warmly invite you for a talk or personal prayer after the service.

Pastor Niek Tramper