Wise investments, 24 March 2019

Wise investments

(The parable of the shrewd manager, Gospel of Luke 16: 1 – 14)

Making wise investments is an important task in life. Our investments now (in time, money, study, career etc. ) have great consequences for our future. How can we invest in the wisest way?
Jesus tells the story of a manager of an estate who secretly changes transactions of his boss to make friends around. He invests in his own future by cheating his boss. At the same time he guesses that his boss will be generous. Does Jesus advocate for lying and cheating by telling this story? No, but one his points seems to be: use transient goods (like money, career, possessions etc.) to invest in lasting goods.

How can we invest in goods that last? For that we need to know the generosity of the One who is only able to provide us with imperishable goods like forgiveness, peace, love, living hope and eternal life.

Come and hear more in the service of ICF-Delft in the New Church on Sunday 24 March12 hrs 30.

Pastor Niek Tramper