Special service of the dedication of Lydia and Yunrong.


Special service of the dedication of Lydia and Yunrong.
On Sunday 7 October we will have a special and joyful service because of the dedication of Lydia, daughter of Speeder and Kiki Lu – Zhang and Yunrong, daughter of Yan and Tianmu Li- Hong. The parents want to express their gratitude toward the living God, ask his blessing for their child, and in the midst of the community of Christ promise to educate their child in the respect and the knowledge of the Lord.

Dedication and baptism
Dedication is different from baptism of a child. In the reformed, evangelical tradition the church holds the position that children are included in God’s covenant and also are included in baptism as a sign of God’s promise. However, in our church there are many different Christian traditions represented, from Orthodox to Baptist, to Pentecostal. Next to baptism of children (of believing parents), baptism of adults from a non-Christian background who have come to faith in Christ, confession of faith for those who have been baptized as a child, there is also room in our church for the (Baptist) tradition of dedication of children. Parents promise to educate their children when they grow up toward a personal, heartfelt confession of faith after which they receive the sign of baptism. Don’t hesitate to consult one of the pastors if you have still questions about it.