How to be sure of the King’s return?

reasons for faith

The return of the King – how do you know it is true at all?

How can we be sure that there is a King who will return to establish his reign of justice and peace on earth? Do we have reliable indications of his coming? Actually we seem to see the opposite: in increasing violence in the world, in pain and suffering, and widespread evil. We seem to be far from a just and peaceful world. Isn’t it better to work hard in our study, career and family, to make a better world?

Product of the human mind

That is one of the reasons why many scientific researchers and philosophers argue that religion, also Christian religion, is a cleverly invented product of the human mind. They say that religion is:

‘A psychological or social framework to handle the uncertainties of life.’
‘The belief in a supreme being as a psychological projection against the screen of heaven.’
‘A way to fill the empty space, produced by human unfulfilled desires.’
‘An enemy of sound rational thinking and a danger for the human species.’ Etc.

Reasons for faith

The apostle Peter writes about it in his letter (2 Peter 1:16): ‘We didn’t follow cleverly invented stories when we told you about the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.‘ But he doesn’t overrule us. He gives room to deal with questions about the certainty of faith and existential doubts.

It is honest to realize and investigate our intellectual and emotional doubts. How can we believe what many people seem to reject as foolishness? The apostle however gives clear reasons for faith. It is not just an intellectual conclusion, but a deep, surprising and undeserved relationship between a sinful person and the high and holy God.

The Spirit of God affirming a heartfelt truth

Above all: it is the Spirit of God who affirms the truth of the living God in our hearts. The Gospel is about what God has done above all human thinking and expectation. It is completely different from all kinds of religions that try to satisfy counterfeit gods that are products of human mind, or human society on their turn.

Therefore hear more about this question: how to be sure of the Kings’ return in the coming church service of ICF Delft.

I look forward to seeing you there!  Pastor Niek Tramper