Anxiety deeply dealt with

We all know feelings of anxiety at times – don’t we? Even if we don’t, we know enough people who do. Can anxiety be dealt with? And has the Bible a meaningful message in case we struggle with feelings of anxiety?

Upcoming Sunday we will see it certainly has! Feelings of anxiety are closely related to the fear that we might fail the instance whose judgement (according to our conviction) ultimately counts. Such feelings are deeply rooted. They do not spring only from our thoughts, but from deep within our hearts. How can such feelings be dealt with?

Of course we can try to meet the standards. But in Peter’s letter – the letter we are reading these weeks – we discover a better way. It starts with realising that blessing and freedom of condemnation are offered to us by God through Jesus Christ. Our ascended Lord is the only One whose judgement ultimately counts. He died for our sins and rose for our justification. In this good news, in this Gospel we receive arms to weapon ourselves in our thinking against feelings of fear, failing and anxiety. And as a result we are equipped to freely live beautiful, honourable lives for Him (our new instance to look at).

Come, join and learn more in the service of upcoming Sunday! If you like the theme, you might invite your friends (with Instagram/WhatsApp/etc.) to join this service.

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Easter, the sequel / or: The real question of what happened at Easter, 15 April

Easter, the sequel / or: The real question of what happened at Easter

The early Easter-accounts are sparkling stories from eye-witnesses. The interesting thing about Luke’s closing scene, for all it’s joy, excitement and anxiety, is that it brings into focus the real question of what happened at Easter: what sort of body did Jesus have? And how can we, living our lives in our mortal bodies connect to the reality of Easter? 

See and hear more in the church service of ICF Delft on 15 April, 12.15 hrs in the Génestet Church, Oude Delft 102.

Rev. Hans-Jan Roosenbrand