No one escapes from discouragement and setback these days. How to deal with these? What keeps you going? Upcoming Sunday we look at Jesus. His newly begun movement faced a lot of resistance, misunderstanding and hostility. But he kept going. Unstoppable. What motivated him? Can this also motivate us and keep us going? We warmly invite you to join upcoming Sunday’s service. And we ask you to take a moment to invite others to watch and enjoy this service.


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‘Do not worry – look at the birds’ – Service on Sunday on March 4

‘Do not worry – look at the birds’

Nobody is without anxiety and fear. Jesus’ words ‘Do not worry’ may sound unrealistic and too simple for us. What, if you are facing unrelenting deadlines in your study and feel overburdened? What if you need to consult a doctor because of health problems? What if you are worried about family issues? Is there a way to escape from anxiety and fear? Let us listen more carefully to what Jesus meant in the service of coming Sunday, 4 March. 

‘Look at the birds’ says Jesus, ‘look at the lilies, you see that God feeds them and clothes them.’ Jesus didn’t mean that we should not care at all. His words are not a recommendation to ‘go into the wild’ or to go for ‘flower power’. Jesus makes very clear that our priorities matter. That what comes first is decisive, is a matter of life and death. It determines the difference between freedom and captivity. Between having surrendered our life to our Creator who wants to be our Father, and being captured by all the concerns and fears that accompany us daily. Join us to listen to the impressive and life changing words of Jesus in chapter 6 of the Gospel of Matthew!

Potluck Lunch after the Service

After the service we will have potluck lunch together! Just bring something to eat to share so we will have enough for everyone (doesn’t have to be homemade). Also invite your friends to join us and lets all have fellowship with one another!

Pastor Niek Tramper