Look at Jesus – What do you see?

Due to the current situation, at times we feel tired. And we feel unrest. Sometimes we feel our spiritual batteries are not loaded as they used to be. Apparently we need more than healthy food, body exercise, work and sleep. Our souls are hungry for more. For hope. For beauty. For excitement.

Upcoming Sunday we will see how we can satisfy our hungry souls by looking at Jesus. We invite you to join the online service.

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Reasons for hope

Greetings from others

In a confusing time, when much is being demanded from all of us, I would like to reflect with you on the theme of “hope.” It is an extremely important theme. When you hope, you live with expectation. A beautiful image of hope is a pregnant woman. She knows it is coming. She doesn’t know exactly what will come but she organizes her life according to what is to come. The Christian community is like such a woman. We don’t know exactly what will come, but we believe that what we are doing now has meaning because of Jesus, because of what He has done for us, but also because of the promise of his return.

How can we exercise hope when life is sometimes discouraging or even devastating? See and hear next Sunday, when we will focus on a passage from the first letter of the apostle Peter (1 Peter 1 : 1 – 13).

Pastor Niek Tramper

How Hope Spreads

How hope spreads

Upcoming Sunday the meeting of ICF-Delft will focus on the spread of hope. What gives hope? How does it spread? And how can we be agents of hope? Join us – you are so welcome! You can join by watching the livestream. Or by visiting the Nieuwe Kerk Delft. If you want to visit the Nieuwe Kerk, please register beforehand.

Children’s Ministry
Sunday, 12 July | Time: 12:30

The song for coming Sunday Children’s Ministry is “For by Him All Things Were Created”. Word for Word Scripture taken from Colossians 1:16-17. This video will get our kids worshiping God while memorizing His Word!

Grab a virtual Coffee after the service
Sunday, 12 July | Time: 13:30

Join us for a virtual coffee after church coming Sunday where we can have fellowship together!

Why we need hope, May 6

‘Why we need hope’  

If you ask people what they think about future, you may get different answers. Some are optimistic and expect a bright future. Others are more pessimistic thinking that the world will turn into turmoil and chaos. And many say: ‘We don’t know, but we hope that future will be OK and that we achieve our goals.’ 

In daily language ‘hope’ is an expression of uncertainty. You hope to get your exam. You hope to stay healthy etc. But you cannot be completely sure.  

In the service of ICF-Delft coming Sunday we explore what it means to live with hope, listening to the words of the apostle Paul in the letter of Romans (chapter 8). We will learn that hope includes facing reality here and now, even if it is difficult or painful. But hope provides an ‘anchor for life’ because it means waiting for a beautiful promise to be realized. How can we be sure that this promise is true? It is possible if we trust that the One who promises is true and honest. What guarantee do we actually have for a better world? Come and see, and convince yourself in the service of ICF-Delft on 6th of May, Génestet Church, Oude Delft 102, 12 hrs 15. 

Pastor Niek Tramper  

Death and After

Death and After

People have always wondered what happens after death. But the honest Christian answer is: we don’t know. Death is a mystery to us. This Sunday, November 26, we will therefore look at the Old Testament. There we find the story about Joseph’s death in Genesis 50, 22-26: a brief, down-to-earth story that tells us what we need to know about life, death and beyond.

Discover more in our service coming Sunday, 26 November at 12:15pm.


Sunday School – Change of location!

Due to a special occasion, the Sunday School this Sunday will take place in the chapel of the Old Church (Heilige Geestkerkhof 25, 2611 HP, Delft).

We kindly ask, that you would bring your children to the Old Church at 12.05pm. Then you will have time to go to the Service and we will begin with the class by 12:15pm. We will have the full length of the Sunday School service in the Old Church, so please be sure to give any updated contact information and a phone number where we can reach you in case needed during Sunday School.

After the Service in the Génestet Church is over, please come right after to pick up your children again from the Old Church.

Going Home

Go back to your first exitement about Jesus. What‘s left of it? What do you need to feel alive again, to keep alive the hope of faith in Jesus? Probably the same as two close friends of Jesus, travelling to their hometown Emmaus on the first day of Easter:  the reassurance that Jesus really is alive! Two friends of Jesus were on their way home to a town called Emmaus. They were sad and confused because of what happened with Jesus in Jerusalem. Contrary to their expectations, he was killed. And worse: his body disappeared from the tomb. This famous Easter Story is about hope, dreams and expectations. And about disappointments in life. Welcome on Sunday in our church, where we continue to celebrate Easter!