Start of a new series: Persevere with Peter

How do we survive in a life full of setbacks and disappointments? What keeps you going? What do we need to stay on the road to salvation? And what does that road, or such a life then look like? Peter, follower of Jesus Christ and leader from the very beginning, writes a powerful letter about these important questions. He addresses his readers – including us in the coming weeks – as follows: “strangers living in exile.” Next Sunday we will read the opening verses. Three words stand out and are worth remembering: priesthood, praise and joy.


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Experiencing the reality of God (Continued…), August 12

Experiencing the reality of God (Continued…)

What do Christians mean, when they talk about a relationship with God? Do they always experience the reality of God’s presence? To be honest, they often struggle with this question. How can we experience joy in God while we feel so imperfect and impure?

Last Sunday we focused on Psalm 4 – a cry for God’s presence. We discovered that there are so many ways to hide from God in trying to sort out life challenges. This Sunday we continue reading this psalm. What about God’s appearing absence? What about the desire for the experience of joy in God, can it truly be satisfied? Here is an invitation to leave our hiding place (whatever it may be) and to enter into the sunshine of an unexpected, eternal love.

Hear, see more on Sunday 12th of August, Génestetchurch, Oude Delft 102, 12 hrs 15.

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Pastor Niek Tramper

Easter, the sequel / or: The real question of what happened at Easter, 15 April

Easter, the sequel / or: The real question of what happened at Easter

The early Easter-accounts are sparkling stories from eye-witnesses. The interesting thing about Luke’s closing scene, for all it’s joy, excitement and anxiety, is that it brings into focus the real question of what happened at Easter: what sort of body did Jesus have? And how can we, living our lives in our mortal bodies connect to the reality of Easter? 

See and hear more in the church service of ICF Delft on 15 April, 12.15 hrs in the Génestet Church, Oude Delft 102.

Rev. Hans-Jan Roosenbrand