The Root Of Despair Diagnosed And Dealt With


No one escapes from feeling desperate at times. Where does this come from? And how should we deal with such feelings? Upcoming Sunday we learn more, when we read about a desperate king (I Samuel 28).

Deep Impact With David Part II: Focus, Focus, Focus!

Focus, focus, focus!

If you want to live a life with deep impact, you need to learn one important thing: to focus. No one who doesn’t keep in mind his goal will reach the goal. To reach the goal we need a continual focus. For instance: to get your university degree, you need to pay constant attention to your study. However, the Bible teaches us that there is one focus that is even more important: our focus on God. If we don’t learn to focus on God, ultimately we will not impact the world. Upcoming Sunday we read the story of David and Goliath and see how the secret of David’s victory was his focus on God.

Deep Impact with David Part I: What it means to be privileged!


Welcoming service for new internationals at Delft

Do you see yourself as privileged? Ever asked yourself why and for what? Let’s think about being privileged! Upcoming Sunday we have the first of four welcoming services for new internationals at Delft, especially also new students and workers at TU Delft.

If you want your lives to have great impact, we as a church would like to support you in this. We invite you to think about how your life can have deep impact, thinking about the life of David. Coming Sunday we read 1 Samuel 16 and think about what it means to be privileged. Many of us are privileged. For example because we study or teach at TU Delft. But being privileged has a downside. It comes with the fear of failure. The story of David helps us to see with new eyes what it means to be privileged.