Call to start a new life

In Athens – the center of knowledge in the time of the apostles – Paul becomes very indignant at the sight of so many temples and idols (Acts 17). He is then called to account by the Greek philosophers. But in his response Paul calls them to account (verse 30): God commands all people everywhere to begin a new life. Next Sunday we’ll let this sink in: have you started yet?


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It can happen to you that you feel disconnected to our fellowship in these times. Someone did or said something to you that hurt you. Someone paid no attention to you, whereas you would have expected he or she would. The fellowship runs into a different direction than, to your opinion, is good. What will you do in such cases?

In these times, wherein we see each other less (and when we see one another it is most of the times online), it is not surprising that we can easier feel disconnected. Such tensions are not new. They were already there when the church started. With very different people, with very different backgrounds.

Paul’s letter to the Ephesians is dealing with this theme. Paul knows that it at times requires hard working to maintain the unity in the Spirit in the bond of peace. Do you struggle with this? Do not hesitate to let me, or other council members know about it! And let us realise that we never have to wrestle against `flesh and blood’ (that is: against people), but against the `rulers, authorities and cosmic powers – in other words, with the spiritual forces that are at work in the air. They always try to separate us, but especially now they will try harder.

However, when we keep doing what Paul said to the Ephesians, they will not be able to separate us from one another. Paul says that we must speak the truth with one another, because we are members of one
another (strange thing if a hand decides to leave the arm, or if a foot decides to leave the legs). This sometimes involves some anger (be angry), but we must understand that this anger is given to us, not to
separate from one another, but to be used before the sun goes down to speak with the ones responsible for that which you feel angry or sad about. Otherwise we will give the evil one opportunity to let the
disconnect grow and result into separations within the body of Christ, which weakens the case of Christ’s kingdom. Again: do not hesitate to let me or the council know wherein you have your struggles in these times!

Jos Slager | Pastor of the ICF-Delft (International Christian Fellowship)

Paul’s letter to Philemon, August 19

Paul’s letter to Philemon

One of the shortest Bible books contains an explosive message. Paul’s letter to Philemon played an important role in the process that ultimately led to the abolition of slavery. But it also shows very nicely how the gospel really changes the lives of people and builds the Christian community.

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Rev. Hans-Jan Roosenbrand