(Un) Impressed

The secret of Christians living out the Gospel in an impressive way, is never that they are so heroic, but always that they are deeply impressed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. At first sight the Gospel is not very impressive. But when our eyes are spiritually opened, we become so deeply impressed, that all the dangers and threads of the world will become unimpressive by what we have seen. Upcoming Sunday we look at Psalm 110, a Psalm of David and we will be enabled to see how these words point in a deeply impressive way to Jesus.

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Experiencing the reality of God (Continued…), August 12

Experiencing the reality of God (Continued…)

What do Christians mean, when they talk about a relationship with God? Do they always experience the reality of God’s presence? To be honest, they often struggle with this question. How can we experience joy in God while we feel so imperfect and impure?

Last Sunday we focused on Psalm 4 – a cry for God’s presence. We discovered that there are so many ways to hide from God in trying to sort out life challenges. This Sunday we continue reading this psalm. What about God’s appearing absence? What about the desire for the experience of joy in God, can it truly be satisfied? Here is an invitation to leave our hiding place (whatever it may be) and to enter into the sunshine of an unexpected, eternal love.

Hear, see more on Sunday 12th of August, Génestetchurch, Oude Delft 102, 12 hrs 15.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Pastor Niek Tramper

Experiencing the reality of God?, August 5

Experiencing the reality of God?

If God is there, why do not most people experience the reality of his presence? No wonder many people say: ‘Why should we believe in a God, Creator and Redeemer, as there is no evidence of his existence at all?’ (nor for his non-existence by the way…).

What then do Christians mean, when they say that they have a relationship with God? If you ask them, they honestly admit that they often struggle with the question of experiencing God as well.

The struggles and the questions about God’s presence are frequent in the Psalms. If we have questions about God’s appearing absence and long for the experience of the reality of his presence, we must read (and sing!) the psalms. This Sunday (5 August) we focus on Psalm 4. This psalm moves from ‘religion’ to ‘relation’, and shows that the joy of God’s presence isn’t a cheap experience. It is a real one, but it is prepared in the deep of sorrow and distress.

Hear, see more on Sunday 5th of August, Génestetchurch, Oude Delft 102, 12 hrs 15.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Pastor Niek Tramper

Created for community, July 22

Created for community 

During this summer we focus on one of the Psalms in every church service of ICF-Delft. Psalms are beautiful hymns, reflecting on heights and depths of life and often they express the longing for God. This Sunday we read Psalm 133 that starts with the words: ‘How good and pleasant is it when brothers dwell in unity’.  

This psalm is about community and we all know how essential it is. It is nearly impossible to grow, develop and to express ourselves without taking part in a community.  As soon as we confess Christ as our Lord and Saviour, we belong to a new community (whether we like it or not!). Not just an interesting club or a temporary fellowship, but a family of brothers and sisters given to one another and living with one another.  

Psalm 133 refers to the blessing connected with such a community. It is new and fresh and contains the promise of life. It is joyful but not always easy to belong to it! 

Learn more about this community, how to contribute to it and how to benefit from it, in the service of ICF-Delft on 22 July, 12 hrs 15 in the Génestetchurch, Oude Delft 102.  

Pastor Niek Tramper