Trust God and take a risk


How can we learn to trust God (as an international student, researcher or employee, as housefather or –mother, as unemployed…)? Seemingly Daniel and his friends saw God’s hand in their complex and confusing new situation and decided not to resist but to use their talents where they were.

At the same time, they searched for an occasion to show their trust in God. In a crucial moment, they didn’t compromise, but took a risk, asking for God’s help.

How can we learn to trust God that He is able to change what we cannot change ourselves? Jesus showed us the way. He crossed an immeasurable gap, becoming a servant in a hostile world. It is by his love that we are able to continue in a complex and often challenging world.

More about this in the service at 12 hrs 15 in the Génestetchurch, Oude Delft 102,

Pastor Niek Tramper