UML Course p.r. 2

Humans have unlocked great mysteries. We know more than ever about the universe. About cell biology. About DNA. But what about the meaning of life? The `why’-questions? Are these pointless questions? Intuitively we assume they are not.

Most people believe that we must give meaning to life ourselves. But what if some greater unlocking is possible here as well? Throughout centuries Christians have claimed that the Bible unlocks the meaning of life. Can science replace religion? Today, there are many good scientist who also admit they read and believe the Bible to find the meaning of life. But how does that work? Perhaps you’ve once tried to read the Bible, but you got frustrated, since it is not a very easy (nor attractive) book to read. Or you’ve never read it. Or you use to read it, but find it often dull and do not see how it makes sense. Then you are invited to the brand-new UML course, starting 8 February 8 p.m. online.

UML: Unlock the Meaning of Life. During eight evenings you get the big picture of the first half of the Bible: the Old Testament. A second UML course will be given on the New Testament later on. You are so welcome to join! If you want to join, please register by sending an email to

We can also use a few more people to join the team – if you are interested, let us know!