Campus Bible study

03 September 2020

Every Saturday 7-9pm, starting Sunday 13 September 2020, we come together at Immanuaelkerk, Schoemakerstraat 1, Delft for dinner, bible study and prayer. A great opportunity to get to know Christians … Read more

ICF Delft Sunday Service Registration Form

11 June 2020

ICF Delft Sunday Service Registration Form  ICF-Delft would like to invite you to join the church services. Click here to fill in the form that enables you to sign up … Read more

growing up in Jesus

Growing up in Jesus (Colossians 1,12-23)

22 May 2020

How can a super-diverse and multi-ethical community grow towards adulthood? Often this law applies: the more diverse a community, the more different ideas about it. Through an early Christian hymn, … Read more

Thank God!

13 May 2020

Thank God! To focus on positive things can help us to overcome the negative. But what if the negative are overwhelming? Then you need greater positive things. Paul discovered these … Read more

Warm greetings!

11 May 2020

Warm greetings! Sunday, 10 May | Time: 12.30h Who wouldn’t like to receive a message from a friend? Such a message shows that you are in the thoughts of your friend. So … Read more


A Kaleidoscopic View

04 May 2020

A Kaleidoscopic View Sunday, 3 May | Time: 12.30h Have you ever looked through a kaleidoscope, a small telescope-like tube with multiple lenses? When you point it to the light and look … Read more

Back to Galilee: being missionaries in our daily lives

23 April 2020

Back to Galilee: being missionaries in our daily lives Sunday, 26 April | Time: 12.30h The mission to go out and to baptize people (peoples), teaching them how to be disciples of … Read more

Sermon on the mount

Kingdom unleashed

15 April 2020

Upcoming Sunday we will read Matthew 28 : 16 – 20. For Christians a familiar passage. But this Sunday we will really read it as it was intended: as the … Read more

Easter services

08 April 2020

Ultimate isolation & ultimate community Friday, 10 April | Time: 19.30h | Live on zoom None of us likes it to be isolated. We all feel we need to be connected, somehow. … Read more

The meaning of Jesus’ passion

02 April 2020

The meaning of Jesus’ passion As you know, Jesus has suffered a lot. But why? What was the reason? And what is the significance for us, today? Upcoming Sunday the … Read more

Join a Neighbor-group

26 March 2020

We meet each other digitally in groups of three or four in WhatsApp Groups. “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them” Mat … Read more

Sermon on Matthew

26 March 2020

Previous Sunday pastor Hans-Jan prepared a sermon, but due to circumstances he did not deliver his message as intended. Listen and watch to his sermon here

A clash of kingdoms

24 March 2020

A clash of kingdoms When Moses and Aaron started to preach and announce the Kingdom of God -while Pharaoh was king in Egypt, this caused a clash of kingdoms. Whom … Read more

The upside-down Kingdom

18 March 2020

The upside-down Kingdom When God’s Kingdom enters into our world, our thinking about great and small, priorities, important and unimportant, first and last needs complete revision. Matthew wants us to … Read more

Sunday 15 March liturgy

15 March 2020

Scripture reading Matthew 6:25-34 Apostolic Creed I believe in God, the Father Almighty, the creator of heaven and earth, and in Jesus Christ, his only Son, our Lord: who was … Read more

Church Activities and COVID-19 virus

13 March 2020

Church Activities and COVID-19 virus As the Dutch government has announced new measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 this also impacts us as ICF-Delft. As the council of ICF-Delft, … Read more

Responses to the King(dom)

05 March 2020

Responses to the King(dom) When a good vaccine against the COVD-virus would be available, soon most of us would make use of it. Matthew want us to meet and to … Read more

Good Friday and Easter

How do we look like Jesus?

27 February 2020

After the loving and kind encouragement of His disciples, by which Jesus prepares them for the hardship of the service of His Kingdom, He comes with a shocking message: following … Read more