Russia and Ukraine – How to respond

25 February 2022

Now that the Covid-crisis almost seems to come to an end we see a new, big crisis that has only just begun. And no one knows how it will end.Russian … Read more

Studentlife is launching *Mission Possible*

31 December 2021

Studentlife is launching *Mission Possible* after the Christmas holiday. Mission Possible is designed to give more structure to our outreach activities and makes it more concrete for new people to … Read more

Registration Check in – Check out

17 September 2021

Could you imagine that you would be part of a family and that you would leave your family without saying goodbye? Or could you imagine that you would be part … Read more


20 August 2021

Many newcomers have arrived at Delft. Let’s be a hospitable, warmly welcoming and inviting fellowship! We have prepared some welcoming church services, which are accessible for anyone. If you are … Read more

Lift-Off 2021 for students

09 July 2021

Are you a student and do you long for some inspiration and equipment how to communicate the good news about Jesus? Then Lift-Off 2021 might be something for you! Solomon … Read more

New website for new Chinese students in the Netherlands

18 June 2021

Francina de Pater, director of IFES-NEDERLAND-INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS, shared a new website has been made as a tool to make contact with new Chinese students. This website will be used to … Read more

Resuming worship services with people physically present

06 May 2021

From Wednesday the 28th of April, the Dutch government is relaxing the corona measures, for example by stopping the curfew, by allowing more people to meet and by making it possible … Read more


15 April 2021

We live in confronting times. Things don’t go as they used to, nor as we would like them to go. How could Christian faith be relevant for us, in such … Read more


18 February 2021

Weekly we preach the crucified Christ, at ICF-Delft. And now especially, on our way to Easter, we focus on the cross. Why? What joy could there be in looking at … Read more


13 January 2021

Humans have unlocked great mysteries. We know more than ever about the universe. About cell biology. About DNA. But what about the meaning of life? The `why’-questions? Are these pointless … Read more

Online church services because of Covid-19

12 January 2021

As ICF council, we got questions and remarks about the way we follow the regulations of the government during this time with Covid-19. It looks like some people prefer to … Read more


06 January 2021

It can happen to you that you feel disconnected to our fellowship in these times. Someone did or said something to you that hurt you. Someone paid no attention to … Read more

A prayer at the start of a New Year

31 December 2020

In Praise!, the ICF-Delft hymnbook, I discovered a wonderful song and prayer to say (or sing) when a new year begins. I invite you to read it aloud with great … Read more

Invitation: Discover Jesus with Mark

31 December 2020

A question for you: have you ever read the Bible with friends who were not familiar with Christianity? I have. And for me it was so exciting, refreshing and wonderful. … Read more

Our Father

21 December 2020

Just a while and it’s Christmas. We look at the child, lying in the manger. Small, vulnerable and poor. But we rejoice. We know heaven stood behind this child. We know … Read more


The meaning of Christmas for an Iranian member

16 December 2020

I was always very excited about Christmas. When I was teenager, Iran National TV would broadcast special programs, such as nice cartoons, about this event, but only for 1 day. … Read more

The Shadow Pandemic

26 November 2020

On 25 November the UN started a campaign to ask attention for worldwide violence against women and girls. Since the outbreak of Covid-19, reports show that violence and abuse have … Read more

Campus Bible study

19 November 2020

Upcoming Sunday we’ll have our next campus Bible study for students. If you are a student: please join and invite others. If you aren’t a student: please pray for a … Read more