How to continue bible-reading

12 November 2020

Someone – relatively new to Christianity – started to read the whole Bible. After some time I received the question how to keep inspired in reading the Bible. Below I … Read more

How to survive these times

05 November 2020

No groups. No gatherings. Almost everything online. Two persons the maximum for walking together. This week I was wondering how we can survive these times. Especially when you are here … Read more

Join a Neighbor-group

26 March 2020

We meet each other digitally in groups of three or four in WhatsApp Groups. “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them” Mat … Read more

Sunday 15 March liturgy

15 March 2020

Scripture reading Matthew 6:25-34 Apostolic Creed I believe in God, the Father Almighty, the creator of heaven and earth, and in Jesus Christ, his only Son, our Lord: who was … Read more

Church Activities and COVID-19 virus

13 March 2020

Church Activities and COVID-19 virus As the Dutch government has announced new measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 this also impacts us as ICF-Delft. As the council of ICF-Delft, … Read more

Andreas course starts on 10 February 2020

25 January 2020

If you are searching to know and understand more about the Bible and Christian faith ICF-D’s Andreas Course is a beautiful guide for you. Especially when you have many questions like ‘Is the Bible … Read more

Pastor Jos Slager’s installation as pastor of ICF Delft

23 January 2020

Pastor Jos Slager’s installation as pastor of ICF Delft We have a very special service coming up: the one of where we as a community will ask for God’s blessing … Read more

ICF Delft Annual BBQ

22 August 2019

Our annual barbeque is coming up on 8 September. It is an open invitation to everyone, especially people from ICFD. Feel free to invite friends (both Christians and non-Christians) to take part … Read more

Postponing judgment (Gospel in the City, Acts 24)

17 July 2019

In Acts 24 Paul is brought as a captive to the city of Caesarea. Felix, a mighty tribune, is then pressed to condemn Paul as an agitator. But Felix postpones … Read more

International church pastor in Delft, Netherlands

10 April 2019

International church pastor in Delft, Netherlands The International Christian Fellowship Delft (ICFD, Netherlands) seeks a new pastor to join us as we reach out with the love of Christ to … Read more

‘Erudite & Believer’ (III) , 31 March 2019

29 March 2019

‘Erudite & Believer’ (III) This Sunday, 31 March, we will have our theme-service about the subject ‘Erudite & Believer’ in ICF-Delft. In each theme service a TU scientist shares from his … Read more

Time shift- Summer Time this Sunday

29 March 2019

Time shift Be aware that in the night of Saturday 30 March to Sunday 31 March, the clock will be put forward one hour. So you have one hour less that … Read more

Invitation for a special dinner

28 February 2019

It is an honour and privilege to be invited for a dinner party like a marriage banquet, especially when you are together with people from different cultures and nations. So … Read more

Anna Bin Yang starts a coaching ministry

14 February 2019

Anna Bin has a lot of experiences in helping internationals with cultural and reversed cultural shock and integration. Recently she has completed her study in coaching and counselling and is … Read more

The kingdom of heaven

06 February 2019

Jesus once said that the kingdom of heaven is like a treasure hidden in a field. A treasure is a precious mystery that requires to be discovered and unpacked. The … Read more

The Sleeping Argument of Newton

31 January 2019

The Sleeping Argument of Newton Last week prof. dr. Roos, emeritus professor of TU Delft spoke in the ICF-D service because of the theme-service ‘Erudite & believer’. He told us … Read more

International Evening of Prayer on Saturday 26 January ‘He will bring about justice for those who cry out to Him’

17 January 2019

International Evening of Prayer On Saturday 26 January ICF-D –together with other international churches- organizes the International Evening of Prayer in the New Church of Delft, from 19.30 – 20.30 hrs. This meeting contains singing, … Read more

ICF-Delft church services in the Christmas period

19 December 2018

For the Christmas period we want to give you an overview of the services and events happening at ICF Delft, in the New Church , Markt 80, 2611 GW Delft Sunday, … Read more