Online church services because of Covid-19

12 January 2021

As ICF council, we got questions and remarks about the way we follow the regulations of the government during this time with Covid-19. It looks like some people prefer to … Read more


06 January 2021

It can happen to you that you feel disconnected to our fellowship in these times. Someone did or said something to you that hurt you. Someone paid no attention to … Read more

A prayer at the start of a New Year

31 December 2020

In Praise!, the ICF-Delft hymnbook, I discovered a wonderful song and prayer to say (or sing) when a new year begins. I invite you to read it aloud with great … Read more

Invitation: Discover Jesus with Mark

31 December 2020

A question for you: have you ever read the Bible with friends who were not familiar with Christianity? I have. And for me it was so exciting, refreshing and wonderful. … Read more

Our Father

21 December 2020

Just a while and it’s Christmas. We look at the child, lying in the manger. Small, vulnerable and poor. But we rejoice. We know heaven stood behind this child. We know … Read more


The meaning of Christmas for an Iranian member

16 December 2020

I was always very excited about Christmas. When I was teenager, Iran National TV would broadcast special programs, such as nice cartoons, about this event, but only for 1 day. … Read more

The Shadow Pandemic

26 November 2020

On 25 November the UN started a campaign to ask attention for worldwide violence against women and girls. Since the outbreak of Covid-19, reports show that violence and abuse have … Read more

Campus Bible study

19 November 2020

Upcoming Sunday we’ll have our next campus Bible study for students. If you are a student: please join and invite others. If you aren’t a student: please pray for a … Read more

How to continue bible-reading

12 November 2020

Someone – relatively new to Christianity – started to read the whole Bible. After some time I received the question how to keep inspired in reading the Bible. Below I … Read more

How to survive these times

05 November 2020

No groups. No gatherings. Almost everything online. Two persons the maximum for walking together. This week I was wondering how we can survive these times. Especially when you are here … Read more

Join a Neighbor-group

26 March 2020

We meet each other digitally in groups of three or four in WhatsApp Groups. “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them” Mat … Read more

Sunday 15 March liturgy

15 March 2020

Scripture reading Matthew 6:25-34 Apostolic Creed I believe in God, the Father Almighty, the creator of heaven and earth, and in Jesus Christ, his only Son, our Lord: who was … Read more

Church Activities and COVID-19 virus

13 March 2020

Church Activities and COVID-19 virus As the Dutch government has announced new measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 this also impacts us as ICF-Delft. As the council of ICF-Delft, … Read more

Andreas course starts on 10 February 2020

25 January 2020

If you are searching to know and understand more about the Bible and Christian faith ICF-D’s Andreas Course is a beautiful guide for you. Especially when you have many questions like ‘Is the Bible … Read more

Pastor Jos Slager’s installation as pastor of ICF Delft

23 January 2020

Pastor Jos Slager’s installation as pastor of ICF Delft We have a very special service coming up: the one of where we as a community will ask for God’s blessing … Read more

ICF Delft Annual BBQ

22 August 2019

Our annual barbeque is coming up on 8 September. It is an open invitation to everyone, especially people from ICFD. Feel free to invite friends (both Christians and non-Christians) to take part … Read more

Postponing judgment (Gospel in the City, Acts 24)

17 July 2019

In Acts 24 Paul is brought as a captive to the city of Caesarea. Felix, a mighty tribune, is then pressed to condemn Paul as an agitator. But Felix postpones … Read more

International church pastor in Delft, Netherlands

10 April 2019

International church pastor in Delft, Netherlands The International Christian Fellowship Delft (ICFD, Netherlands) seeks a new pastor to join us as we reach out with the love of Christ to … Read more