ICF-D’S bank details have changed

14 November 2018

Note for our donors and supporters: ICF-D’s bank account changed We are very thankful for your commitment to the church. Your financial help makes the ministry of ICF-Delft not only … Read more

What’s wrong with favouritism?

06 November 2018

What’s wrong with favouritism? Suppose a man comes into a meeting wearing a gold ring and fine clothes, and a poor man in filthy old clothes also comes in. What … Read more

ICF-Delft to the New Church (Markt, Delft)

17 October 2018

ICF-Delft to the New Church (Markt, Delft) The International Church ICF-Delft is hosting services in the New Church in the centre of Delft (Markt 80) at 12h30, since 21 October 2018. You … Read more

Special service of the dedication of Lydia and Yunrong.

03 October 2018

Special service of the dedication of Lydia and Yunrong. On Sunday 7 October we will have a special and joyful service because of the dedication of Lydia, daughter of Speeder … Read more

Where is God when my life gets hard?

26 September 2018

Wisdom from James Where is God when my life gets hard? James, the brother of Jesus, wrote a practical letter to young Christians. The first thing he has to say … Read more

Lift-Off, theme “Being there”, from 12 October – 14 October 2018

20 September 2018

Lift-Off, theme “Being there” from 12 October – 14 October 2018 Location: Hoofdstraat 260, 3972 LK Driebergen-Rijsenburg Are you a student or do you have a heart for students? Up for a weekend full of … Read more

Celebration of baptism

20 September 2018

Celebration of baptism This Sunday we look forward to a special service, because a brother and sister with their young son, and another sister, will be baptized after having confessed … Read more

Trust God and take a risk

05 September 2018

How can we learn to trust God (as an international student, researcher or employee, as housefather or –mother, as unemployed…)? Seemingly Daniel and his friends saw God’s hand in their … Read more

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Jesus is an awesome God

30 August 2018

Miracles, Jesus Christ is known for His miracles. For example, he once made sure that fishermen had a great catch, while they had not caught anything the previous night. What … Read more

Home away from home … 26 August, New Church Delft at 1 PM

23 August 2018

Home away from home … On one occasion when Jesus’ family visited him, Jesus made a remarkable statement. He looked around and asked, “Who are my mother and my brothers?” … Read more

Paul’s letter to Philemon, August 19

15 August 2018

Paul’s letter to Philemon One of the shortest Bible books contains an explosive message. Paul’s letter to Philemon played an important role in the process that ultimately led to the … Read more

Alpha Course: Explore Life, Faith & Meaning 17 September 2018

15 August 2018

Alpha Course: Explore Life, Faith & Meaning Alpha Course is a series of sessions exploring the Christian faith. Each talk looks at a different question around faith and is designed … Read more

Experiencing the reality of God (Continued…), August 12

08 August 2018

Experiencing the reality of God (Continued…) What do Christians mean, when they talk about a relationship with God? Do they always experience the reality of God’s presence? To be honest, … Read more

ICF Welcoming Service: ‘Home, away from home…’ 26 August 2018, New Church Delft

08 August 2018

ICF Welcoming Service: ‘Home, away from home…’ When : Sunday August 26th,  13:00 hrs Where: New Church Delft, Markt 80, 2611 GW Delft Pastor: Hans-Jan Roosenbrand Host   : Dr. Ilyas Masih It … Read more

Experiencing the reality of God?, August 5

02 August 2018

Experiencing the reality of God? If God is there, why do not most people experience the reality of his presence? No wonder many people say: ‘Why should we believe in … Read more

Searching for happiness, 29 July

26 July 2018

Searching for happiness  It is in our human nature to search for happiness. And the Bible tells us it is possible to become fundamentally and consistently happy persons. However, we … Read more

Created for community, July 22

18 July 2018

Created for community  During this summer we focus on one of the Psalms in every church service of ICF-Delft. Psalms are beautiful hymns, reflecting on heights and depths of life and often they express the longing … Read more

Prosperity Gospel?, July 15

11 July 2018

Prosperity Gospel? Prosperity theology is a religious belief among some Christians, who hold that financial blessing and physical well-being are always the will of God for them, and that faith, positive … Read more