don’t worry … be happy?!

14 February 2018

don’t worry … be happy?! Have you ever been struck by what kind of a basically happy person Jesus was? This may come as a suprise to many people, especially in … Read more

Religion in secret? – Service Sunday Feb. 11

07 February 2018

Religion in secret? Christian faith is a private matter. That is the general opinion about religion in Dutch society. You can believe whatever you want, but do not reach out … Read more

Dealing with conflicts – following Jesus

31 January 2018

Dealing with conflicts – following Jesus Nobody of us is excluded from conflicts. Where people live together conflicts may slumber. When we cooperate in study and work, or among friends … Read more

Read your Bible, pray every day!

31 January 2018

Read your Bible, pray every day! You might be familiar with this children’s song. Children always like to sing it and they make movements with their arms and hands while singing! … Read more

Week of Prayer for Unity – Saturday, Jan. 27

24 January 2018

Week of Prayer for Unity When: Saturday 27 January 2018, 7:30 PM Where: Mount Zion Int, Krakeelpolderweg, Delft Program 19.30 – 19.35           Prayer of thanks and … Read more

Relationships in work and study – Service on Jan. 28

24 January 2018

Relationships in work and study Dorothy Sayers wrote in an essay “Why work”: “In nothing has the Church so lost Her hold on reality as in Her failure to understand … Read more

Intended for royal duty – Service on Jan. 21

17 January 2018

Intended for royal duty Who is actually a good person? When do you consider somebody a good person? Maybe you say: when he or she is honest, sensitive, cooperative, non-judging. … Read more

“Season with salt and pepper.”

10 January 2018

“Season with salt and pepper.” You often read this sentence in recipes. Why do you use salt in preparing your food? It adds flavor to the dish. Do you know … Read more

Amazingly different! Service on Jan. 7 with Potluck Lunch

03 January 2018

Amazingly different! What characterizes a disciple of Jesus? It is very strange to hear something like this: to be poor in spirit, to mourn, to be meek, or to be … Read more

New series of sermons on Matthew 5 – 7 in ICF-Delft

03 January 2018

An impressive and radical sermon On Sunday 7 January a new series of sermons starts in ICF-Delft. This series is about an impressive and very radical sermon that Jesus delivered … Read more

ICF Delft Church Services in the Christmas Period

20 December 2017

ICF Delft Church services in the Christmas period in the Génestet Church, Oude Delft 102 On Sunday 24th of December we have our ‘regular’ church service at 12:15pm. Rev. Hans-Jan … Read more

“I am the bright Morning Star”

19 December 2017

It’s almost Christmas. In a few days, people from all over the world will celebrate the birth of Jesus. In the weeks leading up to Christmas, Christians prepare for Jesus’ … Read more

Religion and Faith

13 December 2017

After the service of last Sunday (10.12.17) some people asked for the Power Point slides about the sermon, especially about ‘religion and faith’. So here is it: The sermon theme … Read more

Welcoming Service on December 17

06 December 2017

connect – grow – serve Mercy and Grace “Have mercy on me!” The villain calls for mercy in front of the avenger. You can picture the scene, I guess, as … Read more

IFES national training day ‘Do it!’

06 December 2017

IFES national training day ‘Do it!’ – this Saturday, Dec. 9 Are you about to return to your home country within due time? Then this day is highly recommended for … Read more

Thanks from Tanzania

06 December 2017

Thanks from Tanzania The church in Mbeya, Tanzania, sends heartfelt greetings and blessings to ICF-Delft. They give special thanks for the gifts they received this year! With them they were … Read more

How to be sure of the King’s return?

06 December 2017

The return of the King – how do you know it is true at all? How can we be sure that there is a King who will return to establish … Read more

The King returns, prepare yourself!

29 November 2017

The King returns, prepare yourself! “Therefore, my brothers, be all the more eager to make your calling and election sure. For if you do these things, you will never fall, … Read more