11 October 2017

Sojourner Many of us are sojourners: people who live in a country that is not their home country. Of course it makes a difference if you are here as an … Read more

If your family is in trouble…

04 October 2017

Bible text: Genesis 42 If your family is in trouble… it has great impact on your life: disagreement between brothers or sisters, tensions between children and parents. In the Bible we … Read more

key to life

27 September 2017

Keys are little objects but extremely important in our life. Most probably you have a couple of them in your pocket at least. A key gives you access to your … Read more

Coping with temptation

06 September 2017

Nobody is free of temptation. It can hit us suddenly when we face set backs and disappointments. But it can hit us even more when life goes smoothly and successfully. … Read more

Family issues in God’s plan

30 August 2017

In the ICF-Delft church service coming Sunday we meet a family with a lot of issues: gossiping, favoritism, jealousy, hate, revenge and even murder. What happens in this family could … Read more


16 August 2017

Guidance is essential in finding direction in life. But we need to discern who is a reliable director and counselor, who is trustworthy enough to show us the way. And … Read more

Understanding grace

10 August 2017

It is not easy to be dependent on the grace of somebody else. Everybody longs to be independent and free in making their own choices. Still understanding grace is crucial … Read more

Dynamic Christian community

20 July 2017

What does it mean to be Christian? Members of a newly established international fellowship in Antioch, Syria (± 40 A.D.) were called ‘Christians’ for the first time. They stood out … Read more


05 July 2017

Before Paul became a Christian, he lived strictly according to Jewish laws. After his conversion Paul became the most famous preacher of the gospel. He writes about his conversion as … Read more

God is unstoppable

29 June 2017

So nothing should stop the church from preaching the gospel to the world In this bible chapter we see how difficulties in Christian life (persecution of the church) can work … Read more

Why suffering belongs to (the christian) life

21 June 2017

Christianity is often associated with health, prosperity, blessing. At the same time we see many Christians having a difficult life because of their faith. Some are laughed at. Others became … Read more

A Life Changing Community

14 June 2017

In order to be able to grow and to develop yourself you need a small community like the family. But do you still need a place where you can find acceptance, forgiveness … Read more

No other Name?!

07 June 2017

Soon after the execution of Jesus two of his followers were arrested by the Jerusalem authorities. Unlike in Delft today, everywhere the apostles went, there was a riot. What was … Read more

Holy Spirit: Comforter and Coach

31 May 2017

Comforter and coach! That sounds well, yes, but these words might raise many questions to you. Who or what actually is the Spirit of God and how does He do … Read more

Creation Care

24 May 2017

The theme for coming sunday (may 28th) is ‘creation care’. After reading the story of creation (Genesis 1), I would like to answer this question: “How can the biblical belief … Read more

False and True Dreams

17 May 2017

False and True Dreams Many of us dream to be settled in career, long for a stable family and work for a harmonious society. Many of us cherish dreams of … Read more

Finding focus in career

05 May 2017

Finding focus in career – the example of Jesus How do we find focus in our (life) career? Often we experience hardships, setbacks and frustrations in life and work. Main … Read more

work that is meaningful!

28 April 2017

How can I be sure that my work is meaningful? Do you believe that your study/work is meaningful? Whether you think about your job, or search for a job, or … Read more