Warm greetings!


Warm greetings!

Sunday, 10 May | Time: 12.30h

Who wouldn’t like to receive a message from a friend? Such a message shows that you are in the thoughts of your friend. So you are not alone (- although perhaps you sometimes feel so). A friend has been thinking of you and has taken trouble to send you this message. Wonderful, isn’t it? Upcoming Sunday we will learn how sending messages and greeting each other is used by God to connect us with Him and to build up our faith, hope and love.

Before our service starts

Here are a few ideas of what you can do before our service will start:
1) You can (again) read the whole letter to the Colossians to get familiar with it
2) Take 10-15 minutes to just read verses 1-2 and think/meditate over these verses. (boring? hard? just try!)
3) Ask God to bring someone in your mind to send him/her a kind message