We live in confronting times. Things don’t go as they used to, nor as we would like them to go. How could Christian faith be relevant for us, in such times? Perhaps sometimes it feels irrelevant. You wonder: what
difference does it make, whether I join the online service, or not? Whether I join my online Life Group, or not? Whether I pray and read my Bible, or not? Let’s be honest: sometimes we just don’t feel like it.

Upcoming Sunday we start reading from the Bible the first letter of Peter. By experience Peter knows that it is sometimes easier to let go your identity as a follower of Jesus. Peter wrote a challenging and comforting letter. The letter equips Christians to live wisely in a society that does not share their values. Pastor Hans-Jan Roosenbrand, Solomon Dimitriadis and Jos Slager look forward to preach through this letter the upcoming time. Don’t miss it!