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Every Sunday the ICF Delft community gathers together to meet God as the Bible is explained. Everyone is welcome, whether you are a committed follower of Jesus, or just exploring. At present the church services will become internet based, which are live-streamed on YouTube.

Check in, Check out

Could you imagine that you would be part of a family and that you would leave your family without saying goodbye? Or could you imagine that you would be part of a family and on a certain day there is someone at the table you have never seen - and that you would just eat together, without introducing yourself to one another? I couldn't. In a family, you know each other's names. Normally you know the names of your brothers and your sisters. Now the church is not just like a family - it IS a family.

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What ICF Delft is excited about

When you are new to ICF Delft, you are so welcome to get to know us better. You will soon discover that those who join ICF Delft have various backgrounds, in nations all across the world. But you will also discover is, that they all have in common a passion about reading the Bible. Now maybe you also read the Bible, or you may have tried to start reading it and have felt a bit disappointed after some time. We would be happy to help you find out how you can find joy in reading the Bible. One of the exiting things we have discovered, is that the Bible is not an incoherent collection of religious writings, but a carefully structured collection of writings with a marvellous at the centre of all these books: Jesus Christ. It is because we hear God speak, through the Bible and because we begin to see who Jesus is, through what we hear, that we are so exited about the Bible. Next week, I will share a bit more about the values of ICF Delft. Any questions or comments? Feel free to directly email me at ds.josslager@gmail.com

Situation regarding COVID-19:

From Sunday, 27 February, all the restrictions will be over. Thank God! However, some of us may feel their health is vulnerable and some may still want to keep distance, and/or wear a facemask. Then let us respect that; and be aware that there are always places in the Nieuwe Kerk where you can be seated and can still keep distance.


25 March 2023

Guest service | Palm Sunday on 2 April. You are welcome to join!


20 January 2023

Last autumn we offered the Life Explored course. This course is especially for those who are completely new to Christianity and interested to investigate and learn a bit more. Soon, … Read more


20 January 2023

On Saturday 21 January there is an evening of praise and prayer in the Nieuwe Kerk, organised by ICF Delft, Redeemer Delft, Mount Zion, University church Delft, Celebration church and … Read more

Invitation Christmas Eve Dinner & Carols

10 December 2022

A warm invitation to International students who will be staying in Delft over the Christmas holidays. Christmas Eve Dinner and Carols: Saturday December 24th | 19:00 -21:00 | Immanuelkerk, Delft … Read more

We want to connect with you! This is our promise:

We will communicate the gospel clearly and strikingly

The gospel is ‘good news’ about what Jesus Christ has done. It invites us to respond to it.

God wants to give you the gift of a new life

Visit us regulary and let us explain how the work of the Holy Spirit will change your life (Galatians 2:20).

We will communicate the gospel clearly and strikingly

The gospel is ‘good news’ about what Jesus Christ has done. It invites us to respond to it.