ICF throughout the week

Bible studies and gatherings

We meet each other also outside of Sunday services. Discover our meetings and feel free to join!

Every Thursday evening at 20:00, we come together at one of our members home for either a prayer meeting or a Bible study. We alternate between these two kinds of gathering. Whether you are a regular visitor of ICF or not, you are very welcome to join and participate!

For further details, please contact us.

Event: Prayer meeting and Bible study
Date: Every Thursday (alternating prayer and study weekly)
Time: 8 pm

Every other Wednesday (once per two weeks) we come together in the house of one of our members for dinner, bible study and prayer. A great opportunity to get to know Christians from all over the world in a private setting, to learn from the Bible and to pray together.

For further details, please contact us.

Event: Small-groups and Bible studies
Date: Every other Wednesday

On Monday morning we have a Women’s group. Whether you are a regular visitor of ICF or not, you are very welcome to join and participate!

For further details, please contact us.

Event: Woman’s group
Date: Every Monday morning

The men and women of the congregation have a chance to meet separately about once per month. The men typically meet for breakfasts on Sunday mornings at one of the cafes or restaurants in Delft. The ladies’ evenings are more varied in nature and typically happen in the evening. They happen in the home of one of the ICF members, and they can include discussion, cooking, or or beauty care.

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Christianity courses

ICF Delft would be glad to introduce you to what the Christian faith is all about. Here you can find information about recent, ongoing, and coming courses on Christianity.

Join the adventure!

Alpha is a series of sessions exploring the Christian faith. Each talk looks at a different question and is designed to create conversation. Alpha is run all around the globe, and everyone’s welcome.

Come join us for free dinners and discussions about Christianity!

Event: Alpha Course
Date: new course will be announced
Time: 7 pm
Venue: Immanuelkerk, Schoemakerstraat 1, Delft (Google Maps)
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Join the new Andreas Course!

Tough questions may bother us, like:

  • ‘How do I know that the choices that I make are right ones?’
  • ‘What if I succeed in my study, but fail in my relationships?’
  • ‘Who is God and how can I trust Him in guiding my way in life?’
  • ‘Why is there so much evil around in the world and how can I deal with it?’

There are no simple answers to this kind of questions. Often more basic question are behind, like: ‘Why am I here on earth and what is my destination in life?’ or ‘Is there a God and if so, how can I know Him?’

If you want to find answers to honest life questions, the Andreas course might help you. It implicates learning and discussing in an open and intercultural setting, while sharing a meal with interesting people.


Event: Andreas Course
Date: starting Monday, 12 February 2018
Time: 7 pm
Venue: Chapel Oude Kerk, HH Geestkerkhof 25, Delft (Google Maps)

Discipleship is a long life process. In this course you will find the essentials that will help you to follow Jesus, to grow in Him and to share the light of the Gospel with others.

The purpose of this course

At the end of the course you should be able to…

  • understand the call, meaning and process of being a disciple
  • spend a meaningful daily ‘time-with-God’
  • explain the essentials of the Gospel in your own words
  • find joy in passing on the Gospel in word and deed
  • help others in discipleship by personal contacts or by leading a fellowship group

Target group

Young and also more experienced Christians who want to grow in being a disciple and long to share their faith and experience with others will benefit from the course.

Who is organizing?

The course is supervised by one of ICF‘s pastors: Niek Tramper.


  • Follow Me (basics of Christian discipleship)
  • Listen to My Word (finding God’s guidance in his Word)
  • Find joy in My presence (the heights and depths of prayer)
  • Let your light shine (the call for witness)
  • Let your light shine (continued)
  • Love one another (partaking in the Christian community)
  • Guard My sheep (about Christian pastorate/leadership)


Each course evening includes teaching parts, Bible studies, prayer, working in small groups, practical exercises, creative ways of ‘digesting’, and applying.

Event: Discipleship Course
Venue: Chapel Oude Kerk, HH Geestkerkhof 25, Delft (Google Maps)