Scripture: I John 3:19-4:6
Series: Overcome with I John
Speaker: Jos Slager
Date: 03-09-2023

God made us with a conscience. Our consciences are a gift from God. At the same time there are problems regarding our consciences. On the one hand, because our consciences do not speak on moments that they should speak. On the other hand, because – when our consciences speak, we feel guilty, condemned and we do not know how to deal with that. The Gospel has a remedy for that. We need the truth of the Gospel. Through it we will both become humble and be freed from condemnation. Free, for instance to admit faults. Free, to do and to say what we have to do and to say. Once we know how we can reassure our hearts, it is important that our hearts will be fed and nourished by the Gospel continually. We need to be able to discern between the `spiritual food’ that is good for us and that is not good. About these important things we will learn more in the service of this Sunday, as we read I John 3:19-4:6.