Déjà vu

Scripture: Genesis 40
Series: sermons on Genesis
Speaker: Bob Landon
Date: 15-08-2021

Have you ever had the rather odd and uncanny sensation that what you are experiencing at the moment you have experienced before? The French expression, “déjà vu” is used to describe it. It literally means something like “already seen.” It is a sort of warped memory moment.

According to researchers perhaps as many as 70 or 80% of healthy adults have had the experience, thus there is a good chance that many who are reading this know the odd sensation. Although déjà vu can be linked to health problems, most who experience the phenomenon have no underlying health issues and quickly shake off the oddness of the moment and move on. Researchers also have several theories about what causes déjà vu, hence nobody but God himself knows for sure why it happens.

This week’s message is from Genesis 40 where there are thematic threads of remembrance and providence. In this episode Joseph is confronted with the dreams of two court officials. The experience surely kindled deep and painful memories of his own life story. The Bible text does not make it clear whether Joseph thought he knew for sure why he was confronted with these two dreams, but he was very certain that the interpretation of them belonged to God alone.