Scripture: John 6 vs. 32-51
Series: Believe in Jesus with John
Speaker: Jos Slager
Date: 05-02-2023

Kids sometimes grumble about the food they have to eat. They don’t want it, they don’t like it. But what about the grown ups? We may also have a few things we do not really like to eat. There was a time that Jesus provided a multitude with bread and fish. They enjoyed it, they ate their fill and were satisfied. The next day they wanted more. Then Jesus proposed that they would eat him. He said: I am the bread of life. But then the multitude started to grumble. And to turn their back on Jesus. What did Jesus mean, when he proposed that people would eat him? And why did people start to grumble then? This Sunday we will read about this from John 6, and learn why this part of the Bible is very important for us all.