Holiness honoured

Scripture: II Samuel 11:1-5 and Matthew 1:18-21
Series: Deep impact with David
Speaker: Jos Slager
Date: 13-12-2020

How do you feel when you failed for your exams? Can you tell it to your family? How do we feel when you are not successful in raising your children? When your marriage is not doing  well? We all hate it to feel ashamed. However, shame comes to us in life. Because of things we did wrong. However, also when we do right, we can be put to shame. We call this misplaced shame. However, then still we feel how strong these feelings can be.

Upcoming Sunday we look at how to deal with shame. Again we look at Bathsheba. And we look at Mary. First it felt as if they were to be blamed for their pregnancy and to be put to shame. But ultimately they would be honoured by God. When we want to follow Jesus, sometimes people will make us feel ashamed. However the Gospel does not only have the power to free us from guilt, but also from shame.