How is Jesus “the way”? The aim and the test of being alive and being in truth

Scripture: John 14:1-11, 5-20
Speaker: Yonatan Woldeleul
Date: 22-10-2023

Are you alive? You may be wondering what I mean since you are reading this message. Do you think simply living in this world is the same as having a life? The Bible challenges us continuously that it is not the case. To have life is a much more precious and greater reality. A person could have health, wealth, fantastic family and could still be dead. Let me ask another question: are you enslaved to a lie? How dare I ask such a question?

But the Bible tells us that in one way or another, we were all enslaved to lie, whether we recognize it or not. Well, you may ask the question how then can we know we are alive and are in truth? These questions set the context, if the Lord wills, for what we are going to look at this coming Sunday. We shall see the reality, the aim, and the test of being alive and being in truth.

Come join us as we go through parts of John 14 to see the reality of why Jesus has given his precious life on the cross.