Scripture: Ruth 1
Speaker: Bob Landon
Date: 23-07-2023

It is rather hard to believe that it has been more than three years since our lives were disrupted by the pandemic. How we longed for a return to “normalcy” (a word, by the way, made common in the wake of war and pandemic a hundred years ago).

Have we really returned to “normalcy?”

Once again, in the church and on the surface, we follow patterns and practices that seem a return to “normalcy.” Once again, we gather together unhindered for worship services and life groups. Mandatory wearing of masks is over. Together as the body of Christ we lift our voices in songs of praise to God and celebrate the Lord’s Supper together, face-to-face! After worship services we eagerly remain together for fellowship over a cup of coffee and the warm hospitality of a potluck meal. For those blessings let us praise the Lord!

But have we really returned to “normalcy?”

When you seriously talk with people there is an unmistakable sense that fundamental changes are afoot. Routinely, people speak of political and social polarity and conflict. Radically different perceptions of reality permeate everyday life! Sometimes it may feel like colleagues, friends and even family are living in an alternative universe!

Instead of normalcy, are we in between two worlds?

I have done some extensive reading in search of answers. How did we get here? What is going on? How might the people of God live upright lives in such times? Just where is all of this chaos heading? Is there a way to bring order into this turmoil?

I have come to appreciate what Solomon wrote: “Of making many books there is no end, and much study is a weariness of the flesh.”

However, there is one very short book that holds some answers to those questions and that can bring refreshment in tumultuous times: the book of Ruth.

This Sunday we begin a sermon series on Ruth. Come and be renewed and refreshed with the real hope of God’s Word from the book of Ruth!