Scripture: Numbers 31
Series: Numbers for grumblers
Speaker: Jos Slager
Date: 06-11-2022

Of things in the past we know a lot. We can study the past and form an idea of what lies behind us. But what about the future? What can we say about it, with certainty? Although there is a lot unknown to us, there are things we can know. If you carefully read your Bible, you see that in the past, God always did what he said he would do. This may strengthen our confidence that he will also accomplish the things he said he would do, but has not yet done. The final thing he will do, is to bring the day of judgement. Though some say `where is the promise of his coming?’, we may be sure, that the day judgement – though postponed, is not abrogated. Upcoming Sunday we read a part of Numbers 31. A shocking chapter that can easily become a stumbling block for us. But, as we shall see, the whole chapter, gives a prefiguration of what the day of judgement will be like. You are very welcome to learn more!