The fake alternative to Christianity

Scripture: I John 1:5-2:2
Series: Overcome with I John
Speaker: Jos Slager
Date: 18-06-2023

Probably one of the biggest reasons that Christianity began to grow rapidly in the beginning of the first millennium, was that its fruits were incredibly attractive. Compassion, equality, freedom, fearlessness, to be part of world-wide loving and loved family – such fruits and many more had never shown up in the ancient world nor in any culture. Ironically enough, though classical Christianity today is more and more rejected and in decline in large parts of the modern western world, these fruits still enjoy increasing world wide popularity. But would it work to enjoy the fruit and at the same time, to cut down the tree? The early Christians to whom the apostle John wrote his letter, had faced a traumatic schism. A group of people had left them. They claimed to know God. And they condemned the group that remained to be legalistic, judgemental and wrong. They formed a new church. Those who were left behind must have felt confused, shocked, maybe even a bit attracted to join that group. But then John wrote his letter. He unmasks the new, fake version of Christianity. They wanted the fruit, but they cut down the tree. This Sunday we continue to read I John (1:5-2:2) and we will see how extremely relevant it still is for us today.