Scripture: Isaiah 5
Series: See the King with Isaiah
Speaker: Jos Slager
Date: 05-11-2023

`I have read my Bible. But I didn’t feel that much. I went to church. But I didn’t experience much blessing. I prayed. But it didn’t seem to work out anything.’ Maybe you have felt like that. Sometimes we may feel that God doesn’t meet our expectations. Maybe many have felt like that. And chosen to be done with the service of God. To tidy up their lives and to remove the service of God. Don’t we have the right to do so, if God doesn’t meet our expectations? So it was in Isaiah’s time. But then Isaiah began to sing a song (Isaiah 5). He approached things from God’s perspective. Doesn’t God have the right to bring judgements? To tidy and clean up his land? Isaiah takes away every ground to judge God. And he reveals how God has all the right to judge us. Isaiah loved his God. How can we love a God who judges? Upcoming Sunday we will learn more. You are so welcome to join!