Things unseen made visible

Scripture: Isaiah 6
Series: See the King with Isaiah
Speaker: Jos Slager
Date: 12-11-2023

What we see with our eyes is only a small part of reality. With instruments we can make things visible, which are invisible for the human eye. Not only with instruments can we make things visible. Somebody who reads a book about history can perceive things that happened in the past through such a book. If they happened long ago, they are invisible for the human eye. Yet they become visible for our imagination through the words of the author of the book. To make things unseen visible was the task of the biblical prophets. They pointed to the ignored holiness and sovereignty of God. To ignored sins and human blindness. To ignored warnings and promises of God concerning the future. The ministry of the prophets is of undiminished relevance for us today. Upcoming Sunday we read Isaiah 6 and we will see what it meant for Isaiah to be called to be God’s prophet. You are so welcome to come and to learn more!