Scripture: John 18
Series: Believe in Jesus with John
Speaker: Jos Slager
Date: 02-04-2023

In natural science we are highly interested in truth. We formulate a hypothesis, perform experiments and so we see whether our hypothesis was true or false. Truth matters, because it helps us understand the reality we live in. In this way we can produce things and find out things to improve things for ourselves and for mankind. Nobody will deny that. But when it comes to religion, faith, convictions about the meaning of life and convictions about morality – we see a great plurality in opinions. And it seems there are not really ways to do experiments to find out what is true and what isn’t. So why bother about such truth? Upcoming Sunday in our guest-service we will see that this question is not new. When Jesus was on trial and started to talk to Pilate about truth, Pilate replied `what is truth?’. This Sunday, together we will think about the relevance of truth and about the ways we can have access to know the truth.