Week of Prayer for Unity – Saturday, Jan. 27

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Week of Prayer for Unity

When: Saturday 27 January 2018, 7:30 PM
Where: Mount Zion Int, Krakeelpolderweg, Delft


19.30 – 19.35           Prayer of thanks and mercy of God            Mount Zion Int
19.35 – 19.45           Praise and worship
19.45 – 20.00           Exhortation                                                      Pastor Hyacinth Nwosu
20.00 – 20.05          Prayer for Churches                                      ICF

  • Prayer for unity among churches in Delft and the grace to remain focused on Jesus Christ.
  • Ask for the power of the Holy Spirit to fall on us and cause revival in Delft-salvation of souls.
  • Pray for our persecuted brethren in various places in the world

20.05 – 20.10         Praise and worship
20.10 – 20.15          Prayer for Delft                                                Evangelist Solomon

  • Ask God to destroy every stronghold in our city
  • Those in authority in Delft city and Netherlands for Godly wisdom
  • Pray for institutions in Delft and students (TU, IHE)

20.15 – 20.20          Worship
20.20 – 20.25         Prayer for families                                         Mount Zion Int.

  • Pray for the family-peace, against the spirit of divorce.
  • Pray for our children and youth, that they may know Christ.
  • Pray for protection of families against evil
  • Pray that God may raise up the Christian families and that they become light in the city of Delft

20.25 – 20.30           Closing remarks and closing prayer            ICF

Time to have fellowship with each other!